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Why Population Science?

We are experts in the entire programmatic media ecosystem. We know supply, data, third party tools, creative, and the benefits and drawbacks of all major DSPs! There are several reasons why you need a programmatic expert in your corner to create better outcomes with your omni-channel, programmatic investment:


As experts in the entire programmatic ecosystem we can identify opportunities to optimize your campaigns, reduce waste, and significantly increase your return on investment.


The programmatic ecosystem is vast and complex. It’s unlike any other major platform like Google Ads or Business Manager. Included in our Consulting services is our Deal Maker solution.


Finding programmatic talent is difficult and expensive. Trying to cross-train digital media generalists or paid social/search into programmatic is time consuming and ultimately causes disruptions.


With so many channels (display, native, CTV, DOOH, streaming audio, digital video), supply partners, inventory options, data providers, and other 3rd parties it can be challenging to know which ones to work with, how to prioritize, and most important how to integrate with your overall marketing goals and measure results. 

Fraud / Quality

As much as half of available programmatic impressions are considered low or no quality. Do you know how to identify it? We can help reduce waste and increase efficiency which leads to far better outcomes in your campaigns. Also with our Consulting service, we include SupplyShield™.