Omni-Channel Media Platform by Population Science

Walled Gardens are forming everywhere. Working with one DSP is not enough to ensure your omni-channel campaign reaches every premium inventory and data option.


  • Flat Fee Platform: While DSPs charge a % spend they are incentivized to sell you more media. Our flat fee model incentivizes you to only buy the right amount of media that maximizes efficiency for you to reach your marketing goals.
  • Access every major DSP from a single platform. Enjoy the benefits of every platform’s unique strengths, exclusive data/inventory deals, and owned & operated (O&O) inventory access. 
  • Unified Reporting: View all performance data in a single, unified report.
  • Fully Managed Service: Your campaign will be executed by one of our experts!
  • Curated Inventory: We meticulously curate a diverse array of premium ad inventory from top publishers, harnessing cutting-edge technology to optimize targeting, maximize efficiency, and deliver unparalleled results for advertisers free of bots, MFA, and fraud.
  • SupplyShield™ Built-In: When current industry solutions still allow as much as 38% of your paid impressions to go to fraud, MFA, bots, or other useless traffic, we add an additional layer of protection.

Why settle for one DSP when you can access all of the best inventory and data available programmatically with no minimums from Population Science?



Seamlessly target audiences across Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, YouTubeTV, all major network apps (i.e. Hulu, Paramount Plus, Peacock, CBS, etc.), and every TV app (Vizio, Samsung, LG, Roku, FireTV, etc.) from one place.

Digital Out-of-Home

Access all major DOOH networks from a single, unified media buy. Our fully integrated mapping tool pinpoints every screen available across the United States with advanced filtering to target specific locations that can make an impact for your campaign objectives.  


Break through walled garden inventory and access direct relationships with every top publisher in the market for premium inventory not available via any single DSP or Google Ads.

Streaming Audio

Access all major digital audio platforms including Spotify, Pandora, iHeart, TuneIn, and more including their valuable audience data.


In addition to activating your 1st party data we can add premium data to further enhance your campaigns. A few examples include, 

  • Yahoo/Bing Search Retargeting 
  • Google Affinity Audiences
  • Lookalike Modeling
  • Contextual Targeting 
  • Logged in user data from every major CTV application
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