Holistic optimization of your entire supply chain

Supply Path Optimization with SupplyShield™

We developed SupplyShield™ backed by AI to not only reduce waste in the supply path, but also identify whether or not supply is even worth buying. Here’s how our SPO services can elevate your advertising efforts:

Eliminate Poor-Performing Publishers

We meticulously analyze performance data, scan websites, at apps to identify and cut off publishers that don’t meet your standards, ensuring your ads only appear in spaces that drive results. 

Maximize Ad Spend Efficiency

By optimizing the route your ad transactions take, we reduce unnecessary intermediaries, leading to lower costs and higher quality placements.

Enhanced Transparency and Control

Gain clear insights into where your ads are being placed and how each path contributes to your goals, allowing for informed decision-making and adjustments.

Boosted Campaign Performance

With a streamlined supply path, your campaigns benefit from improved ad visibility, engagement, and overall effectiveness.

Beyond Vanity Metrics

Traditional validation partners look at easy to fool metrics like viewability and CTR to judge impression quality. We analyze impressions based upon what is actually driving attention. This filters bots, fraud, and other games publishers play to provide perceived value while driving only impressions that actually provide value.

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