Programmatic media is no longer a luxury for political campaigns.
Population Science makes digital media buying easy, efficient, and effective for campaigns and agencies.
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Why Population Science?

We have supported campaigns and agencies since 2015. Unlike most political agencies, we are digital media experts. Not political operatives. Our mission is to make your political media buy as easy, efficient, and effective as possible so you can focus on running the best campaign possible!



Our agency trading desk that accesses EVERY DSP from a single point. No single DSP can get you unified access to all premium inventory. Our OMP was designed to manage, report, and route media to the right DSP to ensure you reach YouTube, YouTube TV, Netflix, XBox, etc. Need help accessing social and search? OMP can do that too for political campaigns.


As much as 38% of programmatic media buys are wasted on fraud, MFA, or low quality publishers. Political advertisers are prime targets for waste because your KPIs are easily manipulated and your campaigns do not run long enough for meaningful optimizations. SupplyShield™ does it for you! You cannot afford to run a political campaign without SupplyShield™

PMP/Direct Deals Curation

  • Our 9 years of running programmatic political campaigns has given us unique insight into which traffic sources perform well. 
  • Our Political PMPs and Direct Deals gives your campaign immediate access to the best inventory available for a variety of target audiences. 
  • Access CTV household data to target specific streamers in your targeted district(s).


    • White label any of the services above for campaigns. 
    • Backfill Resources: If your resources are stretched thin we can help with hourly rates.
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