Why SEO Is Important for Your Google Dynamic Search Ads

Creating keyword lists for user searches that are relevant to your business can be challenging and time-consuming. Building ad creatives at scale and correctly matching them to each of your different landing pages can also be a demanding task. Did you know that Google Dynamic Search Ads can crawl through your website and create ads for you? They both generate the headlines and decide the landing pages for you. 

If you’re just setting up your Google Ads strategy, check out this article here for a starter idea of how it all works: https://populationscience.com/setting-up-your-google-ads-keyword-strategy/

How Do Dynamic Google Search Ads Work?

Instead of creating an ad for each page on your site and adding keywords for each of those ads, Dynamic Search Ads uses Google’s understanding of your site to customize and target your ads. 

  1. You specify the pages of the website, daily budget, and an ad template
  2. The customer enters their search term into Google search
  3. If you have content relevant to the search, Google dynamically generates an ad headline and destination URL to the best matching page on your site.

You only need to create the description in the template beforehand — everything else is automatic and based on the customer’s search term. 

Why is SEO so important for Dynamic Search Ads?

Using Google’s web crawling technology, Dynamic Search Ads indexes your website and uses that index list to ultimately determine if a customer’s search is relevant to your business. If the search term matches the index, Dynamic Search Ads will automatically create a headline and a destination URL customized to the customer search term and will enter a dynamic search ad based on your template into the Google Ads auction.

When Google crawls the website, the headings on your site are most of what is indexed, so having those headings containing important keywords is crucial. If your headings don’t contain vital keywords for your business, Dynamic Search Ads and even organic search mechanisms for Google are going to miss out on relevant searches.

At the end of the day, automating your Google Ads through Dynamic Search using Google’s AI will be efficient and fruitful when married to a great SEO strategy. These ads deliver value for relevant searches that aren’t covered by existing keywords, complementing your keyword strategy and ensuring that you aren’t missing any relevant searches. 

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Learn how we can take your omni-channel programmatic campaigns to the next level.


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Learn how we can take your omni-channel programmatic campaigns to the next level.