Leveraging Google Analytics Reports to Meet Your Business Goals

Finding the right platform to help measure your business success is crucial. When it comes to interacting with your website and apps, Google Analytics Reports can help you better understand your customers and how they meet your demand from start to finish.

Determine Your Business Goals as it Relates to Your Site

What do you want your customers to accomplish on your website? At this point, your site should be built to support that customer journey so that a call to action easily directs them down your ideal path to the finish line. 

Some examples of these business goals are:

  • Making a purchase
  • Signing up for a consultation
  • Calling your place of business
  • Getting directions to your place of business
  • Signing up for an event

Using Google Events to Measure KPIs

Google measures all interactions made with your site through events. Examples of events are: 

  • Clicks and pageviews on your website
  • Installs and opens on your app
  • User engagement and conversions on either platform

A full list of recommended events can be found here. You’ll need to talk to your website developer about including these events on your website. Once you have the events set up, it takes 24 hours for them to start measuring in Google Analytics. 

Now, you will need to determine your baseline for visitors and events over a period of time. By going into Admin, then Events, you are able to set certain events as conversions, which means that they are measured in a different report in Google Analytics for you. These conversions should be important events such as add to carts, or form submits and should align directly with what business goal you are trying to measure. 

Next, you can go to Engagements, then Conversions to see how your conversions have performed over a period of time. You can add other parameters to this report to see, for example, the Session Default Channel Group where the conversions originated from whether it was from a paid media source Paid Search or an organic visit to your website. Organic Search. 

Do you need help determining what a good conversion rate is for your business? Or where to start with setting KPIs to benchmark against? Let’s chat! Sign up for a consultation today. 

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Learn how we can take your omni-channel programmatic campaigns to the next level.


Let’s Chat

Learn how we can take your omni-channel programmatic campaigns to the next level.