Bringing programmatic media buying in-house provides efficiency, transparency, and control over your funnel that an agency or 3rd party managed service alone cannot provide. 


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Why Population Science?

The challenge for most organizations is finding the resources and developing a roadmap to implement and manage in-housing. Population Science solves both of these issues by providing fractional programmatic strategy support to your in-house team. This includes: 

Internal Support

  • Align resources to efficiently launch campaigns reducing turnaround times 

  • Integrate programmatic strategy with marketing goals

  • Understand ROI from programmatic 

  • Keep your team updated on rapidly changing programmatic landscape

Inventory Management

  • Supply Path Optimization 

  • SupplyShield™ – Our proprietary fraud & low quality publisher elimination solution backed by AI

  • Contextual Strategy / Cookieless Future Preparation
  • Campaign Optimization 

Partner Management

  • Publisher/PMP/Programmatic Direct Relationship Management 

  • Data Strategy & Management 

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