Building an Online Community and Why It’s Vital To Your Digital Strategy

Building an Online Community and Why It’s Vital To Your Digital Strategy

Since the dawn of the digital era building, a high-quality email list has been the foundation of any marketing strategy. Not only does the ROI from email beat every other channel, but the email address has also become the gold standard in cross-channel audience targeting. That said, competition for attention in the inbox is at all-time highs (and will continue to get harder).

It is time for marketers to take a more holistic approach to their audience engagement. Your audience spends a lot of time on multiple digital platforms consuming content in myriad ways. Here are some places you should build community:


TikTok has found a niche to provide people an easy way to produce, share, and discover short form user-generated video content. TikTok also isn’t just for young kids anymore. The 28-50 demographic is rapidly growing. Like it or not, TikTok has made it easy for user-generated video content to go viral, opening up affordable opportunities for individuals, brands, and organizations of all types to get into video promotion.

In fact, we are seeing the adoption of user-generated video content from TikTok get applied to other video formats including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and even Connected TV. If you haven’t invested in a video strategy due to cost constraints now is the time to get in on the user-generated video content craze. All it takes is a little time and a cell phone to create a short video that connects with your target audience.


YouTube reached a whopping 81% of the connected audience in the US every month. Usage is strong across every demographic and being within the Google ecosystem targeting is second to none. Using paid promotion to get key video messages in front of target audiences using an email list, contextual targeting, or even an affinity audience provided by Google is a scalable strategy for any marketing strategy.

Meta Platforms

Facebook and Instagram are dynamic duos that can be managed using Meta’s Business Manager. The tools available for managing and analyzing brand owners’ accounts are generally easy to use so even marketing beginners can pick up the basics. The combined reach of Facebook and Instagram across all demographics plus a wide variety of content types (video and static post types) gives you a lot of options to engage your audience.


Twitter is an often forgotten social media platform, but it is a powerful tool to reach audiences looking to consume small snippets of content at a time. Many communities have emerged on the platform. You can pretty easily identify key influencers and topics that are pertinent to your organization with a keyword or hashtag search. organic content on the platform. It doesn’t take very much time and you will be surprised by who is out there listening. A few minutes per day on Twitter could unlock your next big customer/partnership/advocate or even make your organization go viral.


LinkedIn is the place to be if you’re targeting business professionals. The reach and targeting options for ads are second to none in B2B. While it can be expensive to run targeted ads to boost your reach there are ways to get organic content amplified. Target partners, brand champions, or key allies on the platform and ask them to share your content with their connections. It is a tried and true method for driving awareness of your message.

When you have multiple touch points with your target audience you will increase your overall organic reach and ensure no important communication is missed. Be sure to follow Population Science for more content on how to build your omnichannel community online!


A New Chapter

A New Chapter

Company News – September 10, 2019

I’ve spent the last 12 years of my career working across all aspects of the advertising and marketing technology space, and the launch of Population Science reflects the culmination of my diverse experiences and passion for the digital ecosystem.

 With Population Science, my focus will be providing programmatic media buying and data strategy services to clients who want to bring their customer acquisition practices up to speed with the latest and greatest in technology

Many of you will likely find yourself in one of these groups:

  • You work for or with a brand that doesn’t know much (if anything) about programmatic

  • You know about programmatic but have been priced out

  • You don’t have the internal expertise or resources to launch/manage a campaign

  • You feel like your data strategy could use a new perspective

If you can relate to any of these, I’d love to talk with you about how Population Science can help.

Through my time working in the space, I’ve identified a need for bringing programmatic technology to agencies who don’t have the platform or expertise to offer these services to their clients, as well as in-house marketing teams who cannot afford to find or hire direct talent to implement programmatic campaigns (or don’t know where to begin). Through partnerships with both agencies and in-house marketing divisions, I’m excited to help teams leverage new technology to bring the right message to the right audience on the right device at the right time.

I’m also passionate about sharing the power of this technology with small to medium-sized businesses who may have previously felt that they didn’t have the resources or expertise to implement something like connected TV or digital audio. As an entrepreneur myself, working with growing businesses is something I truly enjoy on a personal level, and I know from experience that even a modest budget, we can see mighty results.

I’ll be joined in this venture by my wife, Emily, who brings a wealth of experience as a brand and content strategist working for various agencies and in-house teams. Together, we look forward to evaluating your brand, marketing, programmatic and data strategy holistically and providing a seamless full-service experience from initial strategy to content creation and execution to analysis.

We’re ready to get started and we hope you are, too! Send me an email and let’s grab coffee or set up a call to chat about how we can help take your marketing to new heights.


Johnathan Barnes

Principal and Founder