Can You Customize a DSP?

Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) often offer various levels of customization to better meet the specific needs of advertisers and marketers. The extent and nature of these customizations can vary significantly from one DSP to another, but here are some common areas where you may be able to customize a DSP: 


  1. Targeting Options

Advertisers can set up custom targeting parameters to reach specific audience segments based on demographics, interests, behaviors, location, and more. This can also include creating lookalike audiences or retargeting users based on their interactions with your brand.


  1. Bid Strategies

DSPs usually allow for customized bid strategies where advertisers can set their bidding rules based on the campaign goals. This can involve manual bid adjustments or setting up algorithmic bidding that automatically optimizes towards certain KPIs.


  1. Creative Optimization

Some DSPs offer dynamic creative optimization (DCO), which allows advertisers to customize and test different creative elements in real-time based on the audience or performance data.


  1. Data Integration

Many DSPs can integrate with external data sources, such as Data Management Platforms (DMPs), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, and third-party data providers. This allows for the use of proprietary data for targeting and personalization.


  1. Reporting and Analytics

DSPs often provide customizable reporting dashboards where advertisers can choose which metrics to monitor and how they want to visualize their campaign performance data.


  1. Inventory and Exchange Access

Advertisers can generally choose which ad exchanges and inventory sources they want to utilize or exclude, which can be important for brand safety and quality control.


  1. API Access

For advanced customization, some DSPs offer API (Application Programming Interface) access, allowing advertisers to programmatically interact with the platform, automate processes, or integrate with in-house systems.


  1. Algorithm Customization

Another more advanced feature offered by some DSPs is the ability to customize the machine learning algorithms or attribution models to better suit their unique campaign goals and conversion paths.



Customization capabilities are a significant factor when selecting a DSP, as they can greatly enhance the effectiveness of digital advertising campaigns. However, the level of customization needed will depend on the complexity of the advertiser’s campaigns, their technical expertise, and specific marketing goals. It’s also essential to balance customization with usability—highly customizable platforms can become complex and may require more advanced knowledge to manage effectively.

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Learn how we can take your omni-channel programmatic campaigns to the next level.