4 Paid Media Stats to Know in 2022

4 Paid Media Stats to Know in 2022

The paid media landscape is always changing. While Google and Meta remain dominant, challengers such as TikTok and Amazon are rapidly taking market share. Brands are also getting into programmatic media buys to access new ways to engage audiences via connected TV, streaming audio, and digital out-of-home. No matter what your media mix looks like, here are four stats to keep in mind when developing your paid strategy in 2022: 

  1. Mobile devices account for 69 percent of all clicks on Google Ads.
    Digital marketers need a mobile-first strategy. Keep in mind that you have less real estate to engage audiences on mobile devices so plan your media placements, content, and landing pages accordingly.

  2. Mobile video ad spend will be around 72% of the digital ad spend in 2021. (G2, 2020)
    Whether you are an avid YouTube watcher, streaming app user, or you’re into short form video from TikTok there are numerous options to consume video online. The mobile video experience differs depending on the platform users are leveraging so make sure your video content is optimized to the platform you’re running on.

  3. Voice search provides a ripe opportunity for PPC marketers, as voice-based ad revenues are slated to reach $19 billion by 2022.
    Alexa and Siri have become household names and voice-activated platforms are actively finding ways to turn your voice searches into advertising opportunities. If you are finding keyword costs on Google or Bing are getting too rich for your budget you might want to look into less crowded opportunities in voice search.

  4. The average person sees 5,000 ads per day. (G2, 2020)
    Do you recall every ad you see on a given day? Of course not. While media buyers can get into the weeds of data targeting we cannot underestimate the value of good creative. Even the most accurate audience targeting your campaign can still fail to produce with subpar creative.