Two Simple Ways To Improve Your Digital Marketing Today

While there is no “easy button” in marketing, here are two things you can kick off today that can give a boost to your digital marketing efforts.

Test A New Platform

The digital media landscape is changing. More people are spending time online across a more diverse range of content. Whether you want to diversify your paid, earned, or owned media there are several new platforms to try. The key here is to pick one platform, perfect it, and move on to another.

One mistake we see organizations routinely make is trying to be everywhere all at once. This creates a haphazard user experience and ultimately fails to resonate with your target audience. We strongly suggest getting really good at one platform first. Do not move on to another platform until you feel like you have maximized your knowledge of how to optimize it.

Organic Cross-Promotion

Find opportunities to plug all of your communications channels/social platforms so your audience knows where to find you. When you embed a video into email communication make sure it links to your YouTube page. If you are active on Tiktok use your video content generated on the platform on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Invite followers on social media to join your email list. The options are endless!

The bottom line is that you remain consistent with your cross-promotion. Whether you used paid, earned, or owned tactics to acquire your audience, make sure they follow you on as many channels as possible. Organic reach is limited on every platform so the more opportunities you have to reach the same person with organic content the more likely they are to see it!

If you would like to learn more about how we have helped clients simplify their digital marketing growth, reach out for a free consultation today!